How do I do an appointment or reservation?

Consultations and reservations can be made through the web, by phone or in the studio. If you make an inquiry or reservation from the web, we will contact you shortly to inform you.

Is it necessary to leave a pay signal to make a reservation?

Yes. Reservations are only made by paying a € 50 sign, which will be deducted from the price of the tattoo at the end of the appointment or at the last session.

Can I cancel a reservation?

Appointments must be canceled or re-scheduled with 3 business days in advance regardless of the reason, otherwise you will lose the pay signal.
In case of notification within the corresponding period, the payment of the signal for purchases of other products or services of Seven arts tattoo may be re-used.
In no case will the money already accounted for will be returned.

When can I see the design?

The designs are taught on the day of the appointment, next to the Tattoer can be made modifications in order to be satisfied to 100%

How to cure and take care of my tattoo?

Once the tattoo is finished we will put a transparent and sterile self-adhesive film in order to protect your new tattoo from friction and prevent access of any bacteria. This film is breathable and water resistant.
After 3 or 4 days you should remove it and wash the tattoo 4 times a day with warm water and neutral soap and dry it with dry paper hands. Once clean and dry you should apply a thin layer of cream for healing by performing a small massage. You can buy the cream recommended by the tattoo artist in our studio or at any pharmacy.
Repeat this process for 2 weeks.

How to heal and take care of my piercing?

For a good healing and healing of your piercing the first thing you should do is to maintain the hygiene of the area, in the case of external perforations we recommend 3 daily cleansings, with the help of a swab impregnated with physiological solution or also known as serum sterile, paying special attention to remove all crusts that appear and thus maintain a healthy piercing, in case of being a buccal piercing, maintain regular hygiene and add an alcohol-free mouthwash after each brushing. Avoid receiving blows or pull it and remember the piercing is only touched to do the rest cleaning try not to manipulate it and less with dirty hands.

If I want to cover a tattoo, what is the best option for me?

Although they can be covered over any tattoo but your options to choose the new design will be a bit limited if your old tattoo is very large, dense or dark. In this case we recommend doing one or two sessions of our laser removal service. In this way, we can clarify or mitigate it to work with a wider range of options in your new tattoo.

What is the laser and how does it work?

The laser is a device that by means of a beam of light dissolves the pigment of the old tattoo to be eliminated, in this way and in an immunological way the body can get rid of it.

How many laser treatment sessions do I need to remove my tattoo?

If your intention is to eliminate it completely you will have to do at least 5 sessions, everything will depend on the type of color and the depth of the pigment.
On the other hand, if your intention is to clarify or mitigate it and then cover it with a new tattoo, you will not need more than 1 or 2 sessions.

What is the interval between sessions?

The interval between sessions is at least 45 days. This is the time the body needs to eliminate the pigments destroyed in the previous session. We use a strict protocol to guarantee the safety and effectiveness of the treatment.

Is the laser harmful to health?

No. The wavelengths used in this laser application are harmless to health.

Are there any contraindications to perform laser removal treatment?

Mainly, they are related to the infection of photosensitizing drugs or anticoagulants and / or the existence of a history of keloid scarring and infectious processes in the skin. You should also keep in mind that during the healing process you avoid sun exposure in the treated areas for a few days before and after treatment.

How should I take care of my skin after the laser?

After receiving the first session we will put a transparent and sterile self-adhesive film in order to protect the wound from friction and prevent access of any bacteria. This film is breathable and water resistant. with which you must stay for 3 days and after removing it, you will simply have to clean the area with warm water, neutral soap and apply cream to help regenerate the skin.