Tattoo initiation course

Oct 19 2019

Tattoo initiation course

from 10:00 H. to 20:00 H.

Learn everything you need to start tattooing.

Are you curious to tattoo but don't know where to start?
Have you already started but you need to know more details?
In this course you will learn the tools, materials and techniques to get started in the art of tattooing.
You will learn to tattoo, from the assembly of the machine, work table, types of needles and hygiene, including basic techniques when delineating, shading and painting on the skin, performing practices on artificial skin and other surfaces more similar to human skin. Human anatomy will be incorporated as a canvas when illustrating and designing a tattoo and will deepen the types and styles of contemporary tattoos.

What does this course include?
We will teach you to assemble your first basic or professional kit to start tattooing. You will know in detail all the materials you need: what machines exist, the types of tools, needles, elements and essential information for tattooing. In addition, some personal recommendations based on our experience will be given to you.
You will learn about different types of skin and anatomical considerations that you must take into account to adapt the design to the area of the body. You will also see the exact steps to create the design, prepare it to apply it to the skin and, of course, assemble and sterilize your table before tattooing to avoid cross contamination.
You will transfer the design to the surface to learn techniques of delineation, filling, pointillism in different ways and shading techniques considering materials, voltage and wrist movements to achieve the results you are looking for.
You will see how you should disassemble the table correctly, following maintenance and hygiene guidelines and, finally, you will learn several recommendations to advise your client before and after tattooing.

Tattoo initiation course
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